Queen of Robots: The Podcast!

So I’m running a new experiment now with podcasting. Let’s face it, blogs are kinda dead. And with a blog, it’s hard to stand out in a crowd amongst a zillion other bloggers without something really new to offer. The thing that makes me unique in this is my particular voice. (It may not be the greatest voice, but it’s mine!)

Ever since I was a kid, when I watched Pump Up The Volume a few too many times, I always wanted to have my own broadcast.

Of course, since we are all about robots here at QoR, that’s what the QoR podcast is about too! It’s starting simple – I’m just picking some of my favorite robot-related TV shows, movies and series, and am creating running fan commentaries for them. These work just like the RiffTrax or other fan commentary podcasts you might have used or purchased. I have cheap equipment right now as I’m just getting started out, but if it turns out that people like my test podcasts, then I’ll continue and try and get better equipment, and so on.

I’m floating four episodes right now as a trial to see if people like it/find it interesting, and can stand my scratchy old lady voice. I’ve commentated the first three episodes of Transformers G1 and the Mega Man X Day of Sigma OAV. Right now the QoR podcast can be found in two places:

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/queenofrobots
and Shoutengine: shoutengine.com/QueenOfRobots

I’m still really open to ideas and suggestions at this point as I am just getting started. I would love to continue on with this if people are enjoying the samples. If there’s enough interest, I’d like to establish a modest GoFundMe or Patreon to fund the purchase of better equipment, more storage space for the podcast, and more materials for commenting.