Mega Man X2: Into the Underworld

Mega Man December continues: Mega Man X2 was released in Japan on this date, December 16, 1994. Today is the 20th Anniversary of X2!


Mega Man X2: Into The Underworld

Coming off the heels of the very well received Mega Man X, X2 deepens the franchise story by creating an urgent quest for players and making it personal for X, the series main character. The game is significantly darker than its predecessor, with X struggling through an array of gritty factories, caves and dangerous facilities littered with hanging Reploid bodies to reach his goal. Mega Man X6 has the most depressing plot elements and dialogues, but Mega Man X2 looks and feels low, airless, grimy and gloomy, like a hard slog through Hades, in every way matching its morbid theme of gathering body parts from scavengers.

What Happens?

Zero, X’s partner and best friend, died near the end of Mega Man X1, killed during the uprising by blowing himself up to defeat a greater enemy. In Mega Man X2, Mavericks have stolen his body and you, as X, have to get it back. X faces off against a new set of vicious Mavericks to rescue his best friend from death and keep Zero’s power from falling into Maverick lord Sigma’s clutches.

What Was New Or Different About This Game?

The X-Hunters – a group of three powerful Mavericks who each take a piece of Zero’s body and run off with it. This isn’t the first time in the Mega Man series that sub bosses and boss characters appear, but this is the first time that they’re elevated to positions of plot significance. Each of the X-Hunters has a separate stage to fight X in, and they move around the map each time the player enters a stage. Each stage has a special hidden area that only is accessible when the X-Hunter in question is present. Because of this, and to properly collect the many available Ride Armors and upgrades, players often have to enter levels several times.

Wireframe graphicsMega Man X2 and its sequel Mega Man X3 are programmed to take advantage of a rarely chip in the Super Nintendo called a Cx4 or C4. This allows low-res vector graphics to be created, and in X2 and X3 the chip is used to create mini bosses and sub characters, as well as occasional graphical effects. It wasn’t really used to its full capacity, so this is more of an advertising gimmick, but it still marks out X2 as an interesting oddity in the SNES world.

Green Biker Dude – In the opening scrawl X leads a small group of Hunters toward a Reploid factory taken over by Mavericks. One of the nameless background characters pops a wheelie on his bike and is promptly blown to bits. The fandom adopted this nameless character as “Green Biker Dude” and he’s been an Internet meme ever since.

Where Can I Find It?

The original game was released for the SNES and can be found occasionally on eBay or in other resellers. Mega Man X2 can also be found included on the Mega Man X Collection for PS2 or Gamecube and, for modern systems, can be purchased through the Virtual Console for Wii.

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3 thoughts on “Mega Man X2: Into the Underworld

  1. I love me some X2 for many reasons, but the one that always rises to the top for me is how the setup itself makes me feel. The little touches like starting off with the dash unlocked and a more visually imposing charge attack really make me feel like I’m the hero of the first game and that even though my old weapons and power ups are gone I’m still starting off stronger because of the trials I have overcome in the last game. From the very start I’m breaking through front lines at mach speed and just plowing through enemies, because thanks to Zero’s sacrifices I’ve learned from the best and now it’s my turn to be the badass hero and save my buddy. I love that energy, and it’s simply a joy to be dashing and blasting through the game. I love that it rewards you for how you play as well (rescuing Zero’s parts vs not, collecting armors or going without). I do feel like the pacing drags down at the fortress levels, but even so, the first 9 stages of that game are my X series go-to when I just want to pick up a game and kill half an hour.

    • See, now you’re making me want to try and play it again and that always ends in sadness because I just can’t beat the damn Mavs in X2. 🙂 I can make it to them usually/not die during the level, but I can’t BEAT them. I don’t know why!

      X2 is haaard (whine) and it doesn’t have a game destroying cheatmode weapon like Storm Tornado that basically ensures that once you get it, you can chew through the rest of the levels. Man, I love me some Storm Tornado. For me, my go-to is usually Maverick Hunter X these days, it’s the one that feels most balanced, gives me a little challenge still (especially in 2nd Sigma before fighting Storm Eagle again, it’s EMBARRASSING how many times I mess up that stupid jump!) – This spot right here – I FEEL SO DUMB EVERY SINGLE TIME ahahahah

      • I think you should totally give X2 a rematch! One of the things that’s great about X1 and X2 is that uncharged shots are twice as powerful if you fire them while dashing. Against bosses it’s as strong as the blue charged shot, but with none of the waiting. Another thing I like is that you can fire the double charge shot back to back and even if the boss is already flashing the second shot should still deliver damage, more than even their weaknesses can do if timed right. There’s a lot of boss loops if you’re using the weakness weapons to control the flow of the battle. One can easily nab the sub tanks from Sponge and Stag stages and use those to knuckle through tough spots, too. Give X2 another shot–I believe in you!

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