Maverick Hunter X

Maverick Hunter X was released in Japan on this date, December 15, 2005. It’s 9 years old today!

MHXMaverick Hunter X: Incomplete Series Reboot

The release of Maverick Hunter X in 2005 was series creator Capcom’s initial attempt to reboot and restart the Mega Man X series on modern era consoles. As a result, the 16-bit game play of X1 was upgraded into 3D platforming on the Playstation Portable. Apart from the locations of the capsules being swapped around, there’s very little loss of fidelity in regards to actual game play, stage mapping or player control, making Maverick Hunter X a very strong contender and much more fun to play than either Mega Man X7 or X8, the other 3D X games. Of course, the fact that it was only available on the PSP for a number of years crippled broad adoption, and the game underperformed on sales. The reboot of the series was cancelled, and no further remakes were slotted.

This is particularly frustrating as Maverick Hunter X made major adjustments to the series canon, including killing off an important support character three games early, which makes the game incongruous with later entries. Maverick Hunter X also appears to have begun a process of severely retconning or at least significantly altering the back story between Zero, Sigma, and the Maverick Virus- only further releases would have clarified Capcom’s intentions.

What Happens?

As in Mega Man X1, Maverick Hunter X concerns itself with the events of the rebellion of former Maverick Hunter commander Sigma, and his squadron of 8 “Mavericks”. Rookie Hunter X must deal with the betrayal of his former commander, and work together with his partner, the more experienced Hunter Zero, to take down the Maverick rebellion. Anyone familiar with the game-play of X1 will have no trouble picking up Maverick Hunter X.

What Was New Or Different About This Game?

Day of Sigma – The most significant addition to the X series canon is this 24 minute unlockable OAV embedded in the game – you can access it after beating the game once as X. While it plays fast and loose with the previous history of the series, including major alterations to support characters and the motivations of primary characters like Sigma, it’s also really well animated, and voice-acted by the same troupe that did X8 and Command Mission – Blue Water at Ocean. You can watch this online on Youtube in a number of versions including a subtitled Japanese original and the full English dub.

Vile Mode – Play as a fan favorite X series villain by finishing X’s game and unlocking Vile Mode. Levels don’t change, but the cutscenes are significantly altered, the game flow leads to a very different (and fun!) boss encounter with a paired X and Zero as your final obstacle, and Vile has his own storyline and reactions throughout, including custom animated cutscenes that appear to have been snipped from the larger whole of Day of Sigma, and his own unique ending.

New Dialogue and Story Elements – In keeping with the late entries in the X series, Maverick Hunter X now allows dialogue trees between Vile, X, and the Mavericks before battles. The original X1 was very sparse on this material in-game, so each of the Mavericks have now been given additional character depth and motivation. It does however mean that game play does slow down before each boss fight. There are actually three sets of Maverick dialogues – what you get on X’s first run, a new set of altered dialogues if you replay a finished game, and conversations with Vile. Sigma’s ultimate motivations for his rebellion now mirror those of Lumine from Mega Man X8 (released in the same year).

Additionally, all the animated cutscenes and talking heads for all the characters look great, with clean, optimized linework and updated designs.

Where Can I Find It?

The original PSP version of the game can be found on eBay and sometimes in second-hand stores. A port of MHX has been released on PSN and can be downloaded for play on a PS Vita or PSP. You can not play it directly on the Playstation 3, unfortunately.

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One thought on “Maverick Hunter X

  1. I’ve got mixed feelings about the plot of this one, but I think the game itself is fantastic. Giving Zero’s buster a distinct charge shot was great (though I wish the armor part were more visually distinct so I could tell which of my save files had which buster). And the fact you can charge up rolling shield and then switch over to storm tornado, and even toss in a few hadokens all while the shield is running… what a way to clear a path. Playing as Vile was also a really interesting experience, and far more strategic than what I’d expected from Vile’s “if it moves, shoot it” type of personality. Would have loved for more titles like this.

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